HVAC Price Guides, A Division of HVAC Guides, LLC

Everyone can agree that it’s hard to get ballpark prices on central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnace and almost all other types of hvac equipment online. The reason, is due to the wide variety of home-specific variables that MUST be considered by a contractor. Understanding that, we hope to give homeowners a valuable way to get a rough estimate of one of the highest household repair expenses they’ll face in the life of their home.

The HVAC Price Guides created on this site originated from that idea, and we created a basic price calculator for several common types of equipment found in homes. The price calculators get right to the point and after answering very basic questions, allows you to get a rough estimate of what a new central air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump system may cost!

We understand that all circumstances are too hard to factor into any online tools, so after you view the rough estimate, we offer the ability to reach out to contractors in your area, who are qualified and ready to provide detailed onsite evaluations, to provide exact price quotes for your needs.

About HVAC Guides, LLC

HVAC Guides, LLC was started in 2009, to help consumers become better educated in their decision making process, as it relates to their home hvac equipment. Our main office is in Charlotte NC, however our goal is to spread information throughout the USA!